After five years of war in Syria, the remaining citizens of Aleppo are getting ready for a siege. We follow the volunteers from The White Helmets as they experience the daily life of death and struggle in the streets of the city. They fight for sanity in a place where war has become the norm. Khaled, Subhi and Mahmoud are among the first to enter the destroyed buildings, scouring through the rubble in search of bodies and signs of life. They now live more or less under siege and constant bombings, together with the remaining 350.000 civilians in Aleppo. They all struggle with the same dilemma: Should they flee and bring their families to safety, or should they stay and fight for their city? The film takes place from September 2015 until the fall of 2016.

Directed by:
Feras Fayyad

Steen Johannessen

Director of Photography:
Fadi al Halabi
مدير الضاءة والتصوير
فادي الحلبي

Thaer Mohammed
Mojahed Abo Aljood

Steen Johannessen
Michael Bauer

Sound design:
Morten Groth Brandt

Feras Fayyad

Henrik Grunnet and Aleppo Media Center

Karsten Fundal

Score performed by:
F.A.M.E’.S Orchestra

Søren Steen Jespersen
Kareem Abeed
Stefan Kloos

Produced by Larm Film and Aleppo Media Center In co-production with Kloos & Co Medien and SWR in
association with ARTE and DR, SVT, YLE and NRK.
With the support of Danish Film Institute, DANIDA, Nordic Film & TV Fond, AFAC, Cinereach, Idfa Bertha
Foundation, Sundance Institute, Open Society Foundations, JustFilms, IMS.
International Sales: DR Sales

www.larmfilm.dk               www.amc-sy.net

Note to the press – when writing about the film – please write as follows:
The film is directed by Feras Fayyad. Co-director and editor: Steen Johannessen.

Director, Feras Fayyad:
Feras Fayyad is an award-winning filmmaker, Feras Fayyad was twice held by Bashar Assad’s intelligence
because of his film “On other side”. He studied film making and arts and has directed and edited several films,
both documentary, and fiction.
He has participated in international film festivals and received recognition for his work about contemporary
Syrian issues and the political transformation in the Arab world, he started worked on his film “Last Men In
Aleppo” from two years, and his Previous films include “Behind The white color”, “My Escape”.

Co-director, Steen Johannessen:
Steen Johannessen has worked for many years as an acclaimed editor of Danish and international awardwinning
documentary films. The list includes films like “Motleys Law”, “Miners Shot Down”, “Warriors from the
North” and “Putin’s Kiss”.
This is his debut as a co-director.

Producer, Søren Jespersen
Søren Steen Jespersen graduated as a journalist from the National School of Journalism, 1993.
Worked at Nordisk Film TV from 1993-2000 as reporter, director, editor-in-chief and producer.
Co-founder of Bastard Film in 2000. Producer and CEO until 2009.
Founder of Larm Film in October 2010. CEO, producer and director.
Producer and editor-in-chief on several award-winning films, including the documentary film “69” that won
New Nordic Voices award at Nordic Panorama and CPH:DOX in 2008 and the feature length documentary “The
Invisible Gang” that won a Danish Bodil Award in 2010.
Director of the 2014 documentary, “Warriors from the North” together with Nasib Farah. Selected for IDFA
competition 2014 and winner of Hotdocs’ mid-length documentary award 2015 and One World Student Jury
Award, Prague, 2015.

Producer, Kareem abeed
Age 30 years – Syrian citizenship – a graduate of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and electricity from
the city of Aleppo.
A career in journalism beginning of the year 2012.
He worked on the coverage of the events since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. After that he founded
the conglomerate of activists and journalists, called the Aleppo Media Center. At the end of 2013 he served as a
member of the Board of Directors of Aleppo Media Center.

Co-Producer, Stefan Kloos
Stefan Kloos (*1968) is the managing director of both, the documentary distribution company RISE AND SHINE
WORLD SALES and KLOOS & CO. MEDIEN, one of the most active German production companies for
international coproductions for cinema and TV. Kloos is a Grimme Award-winner, a member of the German Film
Academy and of the European Film Academy. He is a member of EDN and AG DOK and an alumni of the 10
DOCUMENTARY CAMPUS MASTERSCHOOL. He has a strong track record as a creative producer on international
documentaries and regularly teaches and tutors internationally on documentary film production and

Sundance Film Festival, USA – Best Documentary „World Cinema“

Forum on Human Rights, Switzerland

CPH:DOX, Denmark

Amnesty International Movies that Matter Festival, The Netherlands

Ambulante Gira Documentales, Mexico

Firenze Middle East Now Festival, Italy

Istanbul International Film Festival, Turkey

Hot Docs International Documentary Festival, Canada

Docsbarcelona, Spain

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Great Britain